In a recent article, two major pollutants found in the Mississippi River were shown and these two shed light on some of the basic ways we choose to live today. I was not at all surprised by lawn fertilizer making the list, but was surprised about the second pollutant. Seems as though we are not very diligent about the collection of Spot’s deposits in the backyard, especially over our long Minnesota winters. Those piles, some small and some not so small, get washed away over time and eventually end up in the river.

With all of the healthier food Rover is eating these days, his waste potentially contains high amounts of chemicals not intended for the river. What is deposited on the back forty, and not picked up, ends up in the flow that is yours, mine, and everyone else’s. Appears that waiting for a good hard spring rain to wash away Tucker’s mess is not such a good idea after all. Do all of us and the planet a favor, pick up Buddy’s backyard leavings before the rain washes it into the river.

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