Northland Sustainable Solutions and Fresh Energy applaud the historic Clean Power Plan, the largest action ever taken to cut pollution causing global warming. Minnesota businesses, communities, and citizens support the Clean Power Plan for creating big opportunities to grow clean energy jobs as it cuts premature deaths from power plant emissions by nearly 90 percent while ensuring grid reliability and affordable electricity rates.

Furthermore, the Clean Power Plan rewards states for early investment in clean energy and energy efficiency in low income communities.

The Clean Power Plan builds on Minnesota’s progress to move to clean sources of energy. Nationwide, since the Clean Air Act became law more than 45 years ago with bipartisan support, air pollution from mercury, lead, arsenic, and smog pollution has been cut by nearly 70 percent while the economy has tripled in size.

Thanks to Minnesota’s leadership on cutting carbon cost effectively, President Obama invited Fresh Energy’s J. Drake Hamilton to join him at the White House today for the release of the final Clean Power Plan.

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