Paris and COP21 are behind us, but what lies ahead?
With much to be done, how do we go into the future confident that change is really possible?

Part of the answer to this question is, we go into the future with each other.
The agreements of COP21 are what many hoped for and what others fought against. They include some and exclude others. These agreements take into account some governmental concerns and leave others in shreds on the floor. Read an exceptional report on agreements made in Paris, by Brad Plummer here.

Northland Sustainable Solutions has invested itself in a confident future. This investment will once again be made evident on January 30, 2016 as local community members reconvene to hear from a panel of experts who were in Paris for the climate talks.

Join us on January 30th as we listen and learn from this important conversation of our time. We are all a part of this conversation. We are all actors for climate change. We will go into the future confidently.

Please register for January 30th here.

Thank you!

Karen Olson Johnson

Executive Director, Northland Sustainable Solutions