Thank you and please come again.

On September 26th, Northland Sustainable Solutions hosted over 100 guests and raised over $6,000 to help send delegates from the Indigenous Environmental Network to the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris this December. Together we created a powerful community gathering of Visioning for Action.
Thanks to all the participants and to our wonderful co-sponsors, especially MN Pachamama Community, MN350, AM950 radio and Food Freedom IMG_7102Radio, Honor the Earth, Spirit United, and Future First. To our guest speakers from Indigenous Envronmental Network,Tom Goldtooth, Dallas Goldtooth and Kandi Mossett, we wish safe travels to and from the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris.

To our other program participants, Kaia Svien – Sacred Ceremony Holder, Sharon Day – Nibiwalks, Eugene Strong – drummer and storyteller, Cassandra Havenor – drummer, Patricia Shepard – Idle No More artist, andSteve Bailey – flutist, thank you for enlivening the event with your artistic creativity.

IMG_7055Thank you to our workshop leaders, Patty O’Keefe – MN350 on Divestment, Kate Jacobson – MN350 on Power Through Paris, Paul Thompson and Chuck Prentice – CCL on Carbon Fee and Dividend, Kandi Mosset – IEN on Women and Climate, Thane Maxwell – Honor the Earth, and Dallas Goldtooth – IEN on Tar Sands. Review the Native Voices for Planet Earth Sept 26 Workshop Notes Summaries.

The Wellstone Center staff, as usual, were wonderful commuIMG_7077nity partners to work with. Thanks to all the volunteers and all the folks who donated silent auction items to help us create a successful fundraising event.

Join us on Saturday, January 30, 2016 for a panel discussion, resource relays, and and community action on renewable energy.