Thanks to our Supporters!

Organizations and businesses who have generously supported and allied with Northland Sustainable Solutions in the presentation of the Northland Bioneers Conferences (2006-2012) and recent and current evening and half-day events (2013-present):

Individual supporters that include donors, volunteer speakers, and committee members:

  • AmyLeo Barankovich
  • Andrew Ehrmann
  • Andrew French
  • Andy Driscoll
  • Ann Bancroft
  • Ann C. Manning
  • Anne Tiller, NSS board
  • Annie Young
  • Barbara McAfee
  • Barbara Parks
  • Barbara Vaile
  • Betty Emarita
  • Bill McGilvray
  • Bob Milner and Wendy McCormick
  • Bobby Blanchard
  • Brant Kingman
  • Bryon Shaw
  • Carol Curry
  • Carolyn Gergen, NSS board
  • Carolyn Raffensperger
  • Cat Thompson
  • Cathy Geist
  • Charlie Tiller
  • Charles Hartwell, Vision Coach,
  • Cheryl Kartes,
  • Chris Heeter
  • Christy James
  • Christy Manning
  • Craig Neal
  • Curt McNamara, biomimicry guild,
  • Dan Halsey
  • Dan Keyser
  • Daryl Gerber
  • David Boyce, attorney and past NSS board
  • David Paxson
  • David Wallinga
  • Diana Knobel Turner
  • Dianna Kennedy
  • Divya and Sivakumar Kanchibhotla
  • Doug Shoemaker, NSS board
  • Dustin Dennison
  • Elizabeth Runge
  • Ellen Anderson
  • Ellen Schillace
  • Emily Barker, past NSS board
  • Emily Moore
  • Gabriele Kushi
  • Gary Parisian
  • Geoff Saign, NSS board
  • Gemma Bulos,
  • Gena Vermilyea
  • George Johnson, past NSS board
  • Geraldo Ruiz
  • Gina Citoli
  • Greg Ritter
  • Horst Rechelbacher
  • Hiyala, Indiga Art
  • J. Drake Hamilton, Fresh Energy,
  • Jacqueline Mosio, Highland Community Initiative
  • James Price, past NSS board
  • Jane Barrash
  • Janet Asancheyev, past NSS board
  • Jen Almond
  • Jenny Keyser
  • Jeremy McAdams
  • Jeremy Solin
  • Jill Bjorholm, past NSS board
  • Jill Jacoby
  • Jill Rivard
  • Jim Lovestar
  • Joel Hodroff, Dual
  • Joey Adamji
  • John Madole
  • John P. Gehan
  • Jonathan Foley
  • Julia Frost Nerbonne,
  • Julie Remington
  • Kai Curry
  • Kaia Svien
  • Karen Heachung Lyu
  • Karen Olson Johnson, NSS board and staff
  • Katie Clower
  • Katie Simon-Dastyk
  • Katy Gaynor
  • Keegan Lund
  • Ken Meter, Crossroads Research Center
  • Klea Brewton-Fitzgerald
  • Krista Leraas
  • Larry Johnson, Key of See Storytellers
  • Laura Hedlund
  • Laurel Anderson
  • Lecia Grossman
  • Lee Samelson
  • Lisa Venable
  • Lynn Gaardsmoe
  • Lynn Hinkle, past NSS board
  • Lynn Hoffman
  • Marcela Lorca
  • Maren Ward
  • Maria Turnblom, NSS board
  • Marie Kennedy
  • Marilyn Larson
  • Mark Bailey
  • Marnita Schroedl,
  • Mary Hammond-Roland
  • Martha Naegeli
  • Mel Duncan
  • Michael Haynes
  • Michael Monroe
  • Michelle Gransee, past NSS staff
  • Michelle Wiegand
  • Monica Kenton
  • Nancy Stephan
  • Nick Hylla
  • Nina Utne
  • Oake Gregory
  • Oram Miller, NSS board
  • Paola Diaz
  • Pat Schoenecker, NSS board
  • Paul Steinhauser
  • Paul Strickland
  • Paula Westmoreland
  • Phoebe Lipkis
  • Rebecca Cramer, NSS board
  • Rebecca Doyle
  • Rebecca Janke
  • Reed Aubin
  • Rick Person
  • Rochelle James
  • Ron Moore
  • Ronnie Cummins
  • Sandy Olson Loy
  • Sandy Spieler
  • Sarah Shanley Hope
  • Sarah Standefer
  • Scott Cramer
  • Scott Wolter
  • Sean Goswieski
  • Sharon Collins
  • Shawn Otto
  • Shiney Varghese
  • Sook Holdridge
  • Students and teachers from Green Charter Schools
  • Students from Como Park High School
  • Susan Hubbard
  • Susan Stoen
  • Susu Jeffrey
  • Stephanie Porter
  • Swami Anand Veetrag
  • Sylvester Fernandez
  • Ted Bowman
  • Tehri Parker
  • Teresa Olsen
  • Terry Gips
  • Timothy Den Herder-Thomas
  • Tom Goldtooth
  • Trish Lapid
  • Troy Goodnough
  • Dr. Verna Price
  • Vicki O’Day, NSS board
  • Vonda Vaden,, past NSS staff
  • Yogiraj Charles Bates,

Join the NSS Board of Directors

Are you looking for a creative opportunity to develop your own project for social justice within an existing non-profit? Are you ready to help create the "new story" of humanity's interdependence with, not separation from, the rest of Nature? Does environmental education and community building interest you? NSS is seeking new board members; we welcome new talents to join us. Prior membership on boards is not a requirement. NSS board member terms are for either one or three years --your choice. The board meets 8 to 10 times a year, with committees operating in the interim under the direction of the board. Please contact NSS at with questions about Board membership or to nominate yourself or someone else.

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